Together we can create a City that's more responsive, more effective, and more caring. Our City is a great place to live but we can make it even better by focusing on safer routes to schools, a clean environment, a responsive government, and efficient spending. Among my priorities are:

  • Safe Routes to Schools:  Being a kid should not be dangerous, and parents should have confidence to let their kids walk and bike to school.  We must ensure that kids have safe routes to bike and walk to and from school and other activities.
  • Better Neighborhood Traffic Calming:  There are many traffic-calming tools available to the City, some more effective than those currently used. The City should use a data-driven approach to select the right traffic calming solution for each location where it's requested.
  • Sligo Creek Cleanup:  Continue the Sligo Creek cleanup and restoration. Animals and humans should be able to use the creek without concern about falling ill from pollution.
  • Fix 911 System:  Residents along the New Hampshire Avenue corridor continue to have their 911 calls incorrectly routed to PG County. This life-or-death issue has not been adequately addressed and should be. When our Ward 2 residents call 911, they should get to the right location and get fast emergency services. Seconds count!
  • Improve Government Responsiveness:  Ensure city personnel respond quickly and appropriately to concerns of affected residents.
  • Focus City Spending on Appropriate Items:  Ensure the City budget meets the needs of citizens without creating undo tax burdens on people who cannot afford it. Review City programs to ensure they remain effective.
  • Environmental Sustainability:  Ensure our local environment is protected by focusing environmental protection efforts on issues that most directly impact our residents like clean air, clean water, and healthy habitats.
  • Expand Mail-In Voting to Expand Voter Participation & Control Costs:  The right to vote is most robust when everyone has easy access to voting including working class and minority voters. An Oregon-like vote-by-mail system increases voter turnout and voter diversity. It also makes it easier for current voters to vote.
  • Ensure City Policies Support Racial & Economic Diversity:  While our city has a large minority population, that diversity largely exists outside Ward 2. Our longtime Ward 2 African American residents are leaving due in large part to constantly increasing property taxes. We need to explore ways of maintaining our racial and economic diversity within the Ward and the City.
  • Improve Takoma Junction:  Ensure viability of the TPSS Co-op, ensure that traffic flows more effectively through Takoma Junction, and ensure better bus, bike, and pedestrian access to the Junction.

You can view my detailed thoughts on many of these issues by viewing my email archive.